VM Bespoke

Wine Charm - Circle Initials


Laser cut 3.2mm thick MDF script name style wine charm circle with initials

Simply add the Initials to the name box and update the quantity.

As these are laser cut, they are essentially burnt out of the wood, which can leave a burnt wood smell immediately after cutting. If you would prefer us to air them for an extra 2-3 days before posting, please let us know (some people love the burnt wood smell though!).

The hearts are approx. 3cm/35mm across/

The wine glass wire ring is approx 2.5cm/1″ across and simply clips open and closed to add the name and add to the wine glass etc. They are sent unattached for ease of transport.

When painted, only the FRONT of the heart will be painted as they are intended to lay flat. Not all colours are available as the initials wouldnt be visible on dark paints. Painted items will take an additional 1-2 days to dispatch for drying time.


Wine Charm - Circle Initials

Finish * 

Please select the required finish. The default is ‘Wooden’ which provides it as is for a rustic look or for you to decorate yourself. If Primer is selected, we will apply a coat of primer making it ready for you to customise out of the box. Only the front of the product will be painted, the rear will always remain wooden. There may be some unintended spray on the edges too, but the wooden one will always have dark edges.


This product is based on the initials only. Please enter the required initials and set the quantity to the amount needed.