Personalised Gold Acrylic Drink Stirrers


Laser cut personalised drink stirrers in metallic gold acrylic.

These use the same font as the popular wooden placenames we have for a matching set and also make a great keepsake.

The name is a maximum of 8cm wide, with the font size amended depending on the length of the name (so longer names would have smaller text – though multiple words could be on multiple rows). The stirring stick is 12cm including a 3cm wide circle at the base.

Simply enter the names in the box EXACTLY as required with a single space between the names (no numbers, commas etc are required). If it is a double/multiple word name that requires joining, write it as you would expect to receive it e.g. BestMan, NannySue. If you have not had the RSVPs back yet, its no problem to state in the box 'Awaiting RSVPs' and confirm the list with us later via email to

Please add all the names into the box (just type them multiple times if you need more than one). PLEASE DO NOT ADD EACH NAME to the cart separately. It is not necessary to add numbers, commas etc.

The stirrers will be sent with a protective cover on the front and back which must be removed before use but avoids scratching in transit.


Please enter the names EXACTLY as required with just a single space between them (no need for commas, full stops, numbers etc.) or enter ’emailing’ if you are sending a separate list. For Names that require joining, please write them as you would expect to receive them, e.g. BestMan, NannySue as they will be cut as you have provided them. Please also set the Quantity to the total amount of names you require as this is not automatic. The text will be limited to 8cm wide so the height of the names may vary depending on the length of the name.