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Large Standing Light Up Initials (3 pieces)- Battery powered


Listing is for 3 pieces – 2 initials and the & sign so pleae write the initials required in the Name box (e.g. M&K)

Standing light up letters ideal for Weddings, Parties, Christmas etc. Only letters A-Z plus the & character is available initially. The flat base of some letters has been extended to ensure stability when standing.

The Letters are approx 45cm/1.5ft high and up to 35cm/1.1ft wide. They are 7cm deep with battery operated lights pre fitted. The battery pack takes 3 x AA batteries and will be provided with double sided velcro to fasten where suitable (should you wish to mount them etc).

Provided ready assembled and glued so can be used straight away once you have added the batteries.

These are made and designed by VM Bespoke and more photos will be added shortly.

All letters are capitals and the number of LED bulbs varies between 8 – 20 depending on the letter

We are initially just offering these in the wooden finish and batteries are not included.


Large Standing Light Up Initials (3 pieces)- Battery powered


Please enter the three Letters required (available A-Z, &) and ensure the quantity is set correctly.