VM Bespoke

60cm Hanging Sign (any name/word)


This is the larger version of the popular hanging sign and can be used for anything such as Mr&MrsSmith, Bride/Groom etc.

Laser cut 6mm thick MDF, 60cm long wooden name/word with hanger.

The height of the word will depend on the number of characters but the width will always be 60cm.

The price is per sign, so if you had Bride and Groom, you would need to order 2.


60cm Hanging Sign (any name/word)

Jute/Ribbon * 

Please select if you require Jute string or coloured ribbon.


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Finish * 

Please select the required finish. Default is wooden and the rest are painted options. Only the front is painted. Painted orders take an additional 1-2 days to dispatch to allow them to air.

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