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Heart Chalkboard Clock Guestbook

£36.00 £18.00


Chalkboard Heart guestbook clock.

The size is approx 47cm x 40cm for the heart and the clock movement has a hanger. The clock requires 1 AA battery (not included).

The heart is 3mm thick MDF with 3mm thick personalised lettering/numbers

The name piece can be personalised with the wording of your choice and would be cut out from the wood and stuck back on to give a 3d effect.

Chalk pens are recommended for your guests to write on the heart with.

The clock movement will not be assembled for postage and allows you to lay the heart flat for signing. It is very simple to add back on after the event.

£36.00 £18.00

Heart Chalkboard Clock Guestbook


Please enter the wording required e.g. Mr&Mrs Smith. This will be cut out and stuck back on for a 3d effect.