Copper Wire Micro Battery Fairy Lights, 20 Warm White LEDs


These delicate, yet flexible, indoor battery copper wire lights can be used in a number of ways and will keep your decor on trend. So versatile, the 2 metre wire can be twisted, turned and manipulated any way you choose, retaining its shape until you want to make a change.

They look stunning intricately wound and displayed in a glass jar, bowl or vase, and are perfect for weddings, intertwined with foliage and floral displays to create a beautiful centrepiece. They make a statement at parties and events and look enchanting when used as decoration around the home.

The 20 warm white LEDs will glow softly, creating a bright and attractive feature wherever you choose to use them. Requiring 3AA batteries, the transparent battery box is easy to disguise, so that the focus remains solely on the lights themselves.

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