VM Bespoke

40cm Fortnite Style Letters


Price is Per Letter – you can have initials or names etc, just need to order as many as are required.

40cm High letters, ideal for Children’s rooms, Parties etc.

The Letters are approx 40cm/1.5ft high and up to 50cm/1.6ft wide. They can either be propped against something or fixed to the wall using command strips etc.

They are made from 6mm thick Medite MDF

Painted options are available and only the front is painted if selected.

Main photo shows the black painted finish.


40cm Fortnite Style Letters


Please enter the Letters required (Numbers, &, # also are available) and ensure the quantity is set correctly as price is PER LETTER

Please select the required finish, default is wooden. If a painted option is selected, only the front is painted.