VM Bespoke

30cm Round Panel Effect Table Name with Stand


Round Calligraphy style table numbers with stand.

The round panel effect back is 30cm across with the Table Names/Numbers sized to fit.

To order, simply order the amount of table numbers required. So if you have 10 tables, order a quantity of 10 and enter the numbers/names exactly as required.

You can choose the required finish below for the name/number part, leaving as is for a rustic look or select one of the painted options.

Painted items will take an additional 1-2 days to dispatch.

The stand simply slots together.


30cm Round Panel Effect Table Name with Stand


Please enter all the names/numbers below, exactly as required. If more than one is required, simply add them all in the box and set the quantity.


The finish is for the name/number to be added to the front. The white panel round back will be a white wash finish.