To help keep your ordering process as smooth and simple as possible, we have listed below the most common questions we get asked.

1 – When do you need my list of names

Ideally at least 4 weeks before you NEED them. What we get a lot of is people sending the lists 4 weeks (or less) before the wedding but then saying they are required 2 weeks in advance of that due to flying, dropping at the venue etc.

2 – When will I receive my names

Larger orders are up to 28 working days plus 2 days drying time if painted, which does not include bank holidays or weekends.

If you supplied your names late, so they would fall outside of the 28 working days, we would aim to get them to you a few days before the wedding.

3 – I need more names

  • If you have ordered previously and haven’t received the order yet:

You can simply email us on stating your order number or full name and confirm what needs to change.

  • If you have already received your order:

You would need to order again on – making sure you state your wedding date at checkout so we can prioritise as we understand some changes are very last minute.

4 – How do I submit my list of names for a pre order

You would have been sent a link but some mail providers like Hotmail seem to treat them as spam. If this is the case, you can send the list to (stating your full name or order number). We also need the names simply listed out in an email, one name per line with no extra numbers, commas, hyphens etc.

Please please double check the list if typing on a phone as we get a lot of spelling mistakes due to auto correct. We will flag them if we notice but it is your responsibility to ensure they are spelt correctly.

Correct way to send a list:


Incorrect way:

1,- Bride,2 Groom|3 – Matt, Kelly

Also, please don’t send an image of the list as we need to be able to copy and paste the text.

5 – I submitted the names on the link, did you receive them

The name tracking system instantly confirms in big green writing at the top of the screen if you press the confirm button. An email is also sent but may have been treated as spam.

You can always click the link again to see what you had submitted.

6 – I’m a new customer and need an large urgent order in less than 21 working days

Please check with us first as we may be able to fit it in, depending on the time of year.

7 – Will you tell me when the order has been sent

Yes, we will send an automated email along with the tracking number and would arrive the next working day. Please ensure is in your email safe sender list or it may go to spam.

8 – Its been x days since they were sent and I haven’t received them yet

Please check the Royal Mail tracking number sent to you as it is possible they attempted delivery and are awaiting contact to arrange a redelivery or collection. A card should have been left but sometimes these get lost or are not seen. Within the UK, it should be the next day. If an item is not collected after 14 days, it gets returned to us and you would need to pay for postage again to have them resent.

9 – Checking your order

Please unpack and check your order as soon as possible after receiving them.