Vinyl Hanger Decal

£0.96 Inc VAT

Vinyl Hanger Decals.

Approx 2″ wide by 1″ high and sized to fit on the center of most dress hangers.

Simply choose the colour and add the names you would require, and be sure to update the quantity if ordering more than one.

The vinyl will be sent in DIY form, so you would just need to follow these steps:

1) Peel off the excess vinyl and ‘weed’ the small parts from between the letters with a pin etc
2) Peel the backing off the transfer paper and place on top of the vinyl, then rub with the edge of a bank card or something similar to ensure it stick
3) Slowly peel off the transfer paper, with the vinyl attached
4) Place in the position you would like it on the hanger and again rub with the edge of a bank card
5) Slowly peel off the transfer paper and it leaves the vinyl in place

Finish *

Please select the required finish. The default is ‘Wooden’ which provides it as is for a rustic look or for you to decorate yourself. If Primer is selected, we will apply a coat of primer making it ready for you to customise out of the box. Only the front of the product will be painted, the rear will always remain wooden. There may be some unintended spray on the edges too, but the wooden one will always have dark edges.

Name *

Please enter the name as required e.g. Bride – please ensure the quantity is updated if you are ordering more than one