Standing 30s Style Wedding Table Names/Favours/Placeholders

£1.20 Inc VAT

Laser cut 3.2mm thick MDF standing 30s/Gatsby style table names.

You have a choice of the following shapes to make the names stand:

  • Hexagon
  • Heart
  • Circle
  • Star

Simply list the names in the box with no extra commas, full stops etc. For example:

Bride Groom Matt Sarah Dave etc..

If you do not have your final list, you can put ‘awaiting names‘ in the box and update the quantity to the minimum you may need. You would then be sent a link to update them when you are ready.

Please note, refunds are not possible on pre-orders.

As these are laser cut, they are essentially burnt out of the wood, which can leave a burnt wood smell immediately after cutting. If you would prefer us to air them for an extra 2-3 days before posting, please let us know (some people love the burnt wood smell though!).

The names are approx. 2cm/20mm high for the capital letters and vary in width depending on each name.

Painted items will take an additional 1-2 days to dispatch for drying time.

*The main photo shows the optional gold paint finish

Finish *

Please select the required finish. The default is ‘Wooden’ which provides it as is for a rustic look or for you to decorate yourself. If Primer is selected, we will apply a coat of primer making it ready for you to customise out of the box. Both sides of the names would be painted on the standing names.

Name *

Please enter the names EXACTLY as required with just a single space between them (no need for commas, full stops, numbers etc.) or enter ’emailing’ if you are sending a separate list. For Names that require joining, please write them as you would expect to receive them, e.g. MotheroftheBride, BestMan, NannySue as they will be cut as you have provided them. The names are sized for first names only but the top table names are ok (e.g. MotheroftheBride).

Base *

Please select the shape required for each name

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