Large 60cm Street Sign

£17.40 Inc VAT

Personalised Street sign

The size is approx. 60cm long x 10cm high x 6mm thick backing and 3mm thick lettering (letter size varies based on the wording to fit correctly).

You can choose the required finish below, leaving as is for a rustic look/decorate yourself or select one of the painted options.

Painted items will take an additional 1-2 days to dispatch.

When painted, the colour selected will be the colour of the lettering and the outline. The back will be painted white, unless requested otherwise.

Finish *

Please select the required finish. The default is ‘Wooden’ which provides it as is for a rustic look or for you to decorate yourself. If Primer is selected, we will apply a coat of primer making it ready for you to customise out of the box. Only the front of the product will be painted, the rear will always remain wooden.

Name *

Enter the sign wording EXACTLY as you would like it, in the correct case